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Innovation Transfer creates Competitive Advantages

Know more, move more: The EffizienzCluster association, as a network of companies, builds bridges between science and business. Members of the association can immediately participate in and benefit from the results and developments of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr and also design and initiate new products.

Members of the association are companies and organizations (intermediaries) that want to participate in the work of the cluster or already play an active role in projects within the EffizienzCluster. Companies from all over Germany can become members. By becoming members they support the work of the EffizienzCluster Management GmbH (ECM). As the coordinating authority, the ECM drives ahead all the activities within the cluster and networks and markets them.

EffizienzCluster association Activities

The activities are based on three key points:

  • Knowledge. By means of rapid innovation transfer, companies can ensure important competitive advantages: Research results from projects are transferred into the association and can be put to practical use. At the same time, contacts to key people in logistics are maintained by the association.
  • Projects. The association helps its members to promote their own research projects. This support ranges from joint brainstorming and bringing members together with potential partners from science and business to helping form consortiums for projects. Individual advice is also provided about grants and financing possibilities.
  • Communication and marketing. Members of the association are all involved in the communication activities of the EffizienzCluster, for example at national and international events or as the hosts of special events.

Organization of the EffizienzCluster association

EffizienzCluster association is managed by an honorary board which works closely together with EffizienzCluster Management GmbH (ECM).

The Chief Executive is Mr. Matthias Löhr, Managing Director, LB GmbH.

Other members of the board are:

ECM is responsible for the EffizienzCluster association member services.

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