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An important pre-condition for the success of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr is the cluster management that creates dynamic impetus for innovations. Logistics can make a substantial contribution to dealing with the key challenges facing society. The aim is to help logistics establish its new self-perception as a leading managing authority.

EffizienzCluster Management GmbH (ECM) combines logistics expertise with experience in the management of network structures. This neutral coordinator of the cluster management – is supported by Initiativkreis Ruhr, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and agiplan GmbH.

Essential Tasks of the EffizienzCluster Management GmbH

  • Strategic development. ECM is responsible for the further strategic development of the cluster in all areas of competence. The cluster management coordinates all activities with the common objective of implementing tomorrow’s logistics with 75 per cent of today’s resources. By identifying questions with respect to research, society and technological developments and logistic trends, the cluster management consistently pursues the idea of establishing the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr as a worldwide center for the innovative design of high quality logistics services.
  • Support for the key topics and research projects. Key topics and projects are regularly checked to see that they are in line with the strategic objectives of the cluster. Matters concerning funding as well as the formal evaluation and documentation of the projects are also taken care of by ECM.
  • Networking the cluster partners. The cluster management networks the key players and works on adding value within the cluster for and with them. New partners from the worlds of business and science are acquired on a regular basis to achieve sustainable growth for the cluster.
  • Knowledge transfer. Inter-project knowledge and innovation transfer both inwards and outwards are also part of the tasks of the cluster management. In this way valuable content-related connecting factors for identifying new issues and projects are transferred into the network.
  • Initiation of new projects. New research projects help the cluster grow: The cluster management starts the initiative for projects, establishes contacts and sets up new networks.
  • Marketing und communication. For the companies and institutions which take part in research projects or are active in the association, the cluster management represents the cluster in its entirety to the public. Marketing and communication provide self-reinforcing effects for the cluster: an increasing level of awareness leads to new projects, ideas and people being brought into the EffizienzCluster.


Learn more about CPS!

Learn more about CPS!

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