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Logistics take on Responsibility

Tomorrow’s logistics should both protect the environment and guarantee supply. It is a requirement and target for the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr to facilitate tomorrow’s individuality – in terms of the individual supply of goods, mobility and production – with just 75 per cent of today’s resources. The efficiency of processes and products is the key focus.

Mastering Tomorrow´s Challenges

Logistics is taking on responsibility for the challenges of the future: Science and business develop products, approaches and innovations in order to prepare society to changing conditions and, at the same time, to enable society to maintain its lifestyles. Substantially, the work of the clusters is determined by three parameters:

  • To protect the environment and resources. The limitation of resources and the hazards for ecological systems have caused a change of thinking in business and society. Within the EffizienzCluster logistics solutions and procedures are tested for increased efficiency with which the market participants can also expect to achieve a competitive advantage.
  • To guarantee the supply of urban systems. The trend towards urbanization is increasing, also as a result of demographic change. More and more goods have to find their way into conurbations and city centers using infrastructures which are already stretched to the limit. The EffizienzCluster develops solutions for the flexible and resource-efficient supply of both consumers and companies within urban systems.
  • To maintain society´s individuality. The diversified consumption and leisure behavior of individuals and globalization with its almost unlimited transportation of goods across borders, have led to increasing complexity for the value-adding network. The EffizienzCluster helps the market participants to fulfill consumers’ requirements.

The Cluster Specifies the Targets

The EffizienzCluster has defined its activities with specific objectives and figures – for example with regard to energy conservation:

  • In the key topic of “Changeable Logistics Systems” optimized logistics is intended to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent.
  • In the key topic “Logistics-as-a-Service” energy-efficient IT is intended to reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent.
  • The key topic of “Focus on the Environment” aims for savings of up to 60 per cent.

In total, the work of the cluster is intended to develop more than 100 specific innovations, products and processes that contribute to creating more than 4,000 jobs. In comparison to other industries, these innovations will cause above-average growth for the stakeholders in the cluster and, subsequently, for the entire German logistics industry.

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