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Strategic Research alliances for logistics solutions of tomorrow

International collaboration with academia and industry pursue the objective to provide people, organizations and society with innovative ideas. EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr participates in a network of international research and innovation initiatives in order to be part of the vanguard of European logistics research.

By actively taking part in leading European initiatives, EffizienzCluster not only benefits from exchanging knowledge in the field of logistics research and development. In fact, it participates in determine the actual discussion and development of logistics research policy itself.

International Research Initiatives


    The European Technology Platform ALICE focuses on the development of a     comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market development of     logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. ALICE has     recognized the need for an overarching view on logistics, supply chain                                                  planning and control, in order to achieve efficient logistics and supply chain                                                  operations through a close collaboration between shippers and logistics                                                  services.

                                                 More about ETP Alice

IoT Forum

    The Internet of Things Forum is driven by a vision of worldwide     interoperable Internet of Things, recognizing the impact of the Internet on                                                     our lives, businesses, governments and society as a whole. Addressing                                                     business and societal challenges, IoT Forum focuses on the need to create                                                     conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market.                                                     The aim is to create a one- stop shop for actors from both the global IoT                                                     community and from domains which could benefit from it.

                                                    More about IoT Forum

Green Freight Europe

    The industry-driven initiative GreenFreight Europe aims to be recognized as     the leading independent voluntary program for improving environmental     performance of road freight transport in Europe. The overall aim is to     establish a pan-European standard system for collecting, analyzing and     monitoring CO2 emissions from road freight operations. To reach this goal,     GreenFreight Europe generates strong market incentives to engage     companies across the supply chains in green procurement of transportation     services in order stimulate long-term improvements.

                                                More about Green Freight Europe

Lean and Green

    Lean and Green is a stimulation program which aims at encouraging     businesses and government bodies to move to a higher level of
    sustainability. The approach is to create an individual action plan which     indicates how to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time.     Incentives for participation are the “Lean and Green Award” and the “Lean                                                  and Green Star” – labels that will be awarded for the creation respectively
                                                 the successful implementation of the plan.

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