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To achieve great things, more than just one nation has to work on it

To realize EffizienzClusters objectives on a wider scale, it is crucial to link with international knowledge clusters and regions with complementary expertise. The exchange of knowledge and best practices as well as the initiation and implementation of strategic measures are at the center point.

As a leading European logistics cluster, EffizienzCluster established strategic collaborations with selected partners. These partnerships aim at improving efficiency and competitiveness in an ever-changing and more dynamic environment.

International Strategic Collaborators

Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) 

    Dinalog focuses on innovation through R&D and demonstration projects with     the ultimate aim of transforming knowledge into new business. Several     programs assist and stimulate companies to innovate and utilize existing                                                   knowledge.

                                                  More about Dinalog

Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL)

VIL is the Flemish innovation platform for logistics and supports Flemish companies to realize innovative logistics projects in order to increase their competitiveness. As a membership organization VIL brings together companies and organizations from various sectors as well as research institutions and government agencies.

More about VIL

Logistics in Wallonia (LIW)

    LIW is the Wallonian Competitiveness Cluster of Transportation and     Logistics with a network of over 240 members. Its aim is to develop     transportation and logistics activities in Wallonia primary through                                                       supporting innovation and matching relevant stakeholders in networking                                                       activities.

                                                      More about LIW

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)

    ZLC is a research institute in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of     Technology and the University of Zaragoza. Its mission is to create an     international center of excellence for research and education in logistics and     Supply Chain Management that actively engages with industry and the public     sector to develop and disseminate knowledge.

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