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With its 7 innovation corridors and 34 national projects, EffizienzCluster LogisticRuhr creates knowledge and innovation that will significantly change the face of logistics. Following the approach of gaining more efficiency in logistics processes and products not only for Germany but for a European scale, EffizienzCluster Management participates in different international projects.

EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr constantly widens its national perspective in order to disseminate its gained knowledge and results, to discuss and develop them further on an international scale as well as to get input from other logistics experts. The output of these projects is not only new project results but long lasting partnerships.

International Projects of EffizienzCluster

Transport Clusters Development and Implementation Measures of a Six-Region Strategic Joint Action Plan for Knowledge-based Regional Innovation

    In the EU-project “log4green”, funded under European Unions’ FP7 Regions
    of Knowledge program, 13 partners from six different European countries
    are working together to shape the future-oriented field of logistics. An     international agenda for strategic research and activities is being created in       several packages with the help of benchmark analyses in logistics networks.

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LOG 2020 – Logistics 2020: training for the future

    Within the LOG2020 project a European, post-academic vocational education     program for logistics and supply chain professionals is being created that
    will enable the participants to embrace challenges as opportunities for their     organizations. The Master Class “Supply Chains of the Future” was     successfully piloted already. This project received funding from the                                                   European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

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LOGINN - Logistic Innovation Uptake

    By setting up a collaborative platform (LogisticsArena.eu), LOGINN aims at     co-ordinating and supporting RTD projects in the logistics area in order to     improve their capabilities and to bridge the gap between pilot
    implementation and marketable solutions. On this platform, the main
                                                  stakeholders of the logistics work together on promoting innovative
                                                  transport logistics solutions aiming at increasing efficiency and with a                                                   particular focus on intermodal transport. This project receives funding from                                                   the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological                                                   development and demonstration.

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