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Boosting Competitiveness: Insights from Germany's Innovation Model

Boosting Competitiveness: Insights from Germany's Innovation Model

published: 19th Ocotber 2011

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
"Germany has emerged from the global downturn as one of the world's strongest economies. What's the secret behind Germany's economic strength? The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington, the German Center for Research & Innovation, and ITIF held an event that featured presentations on Germany's High-Tech Strategy from Engelbert Beyer, Head of the Directorate Innovation Strategies, and Dr. Jan Wessels, Division for Innovation Policy Issues, from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and on its Fraunhofer System from Dr. Anke Hellwig, Fraunhofer's Deputy Director of International Business Development, and Dr. William Hartman, Executive Vice President, Fraunhofer USA. Dr. Greg Tassey, Senior Economist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, provided a presentation on U.S. innovation and technology policy. The event compared, contrasted, and learned from the similarities and differences in approaches to innovation policy in Germany and the United States."

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