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The high quality knowledge transfer is one of the key aims of EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr. It is not just an obligation as a Leading-Edge Cluster - it is also in our personal interest to communicate the knowledge the partners of EffizienzCluster have into the market.

Offering an overview of the latest reasearch innovations as well as well-structured background information regarding subjects determining every days business live, EffizienzCluster is your partner in innovative logistics thinking.
This time, we offer information about the topics Cyber Physical Systems as well as Germany's Leading-Edge Cluster Competition. Further topics are yet to come.



Germany's Leading-Edge Cluster Competition

The EffizienzCluster as one of the winner of the "leading edge" cluster competition has now positioned itself as a worldwide center for the groundbreaking design of high-class and efficient logistics services.



 Cyber Physical Systems

The internet of things and cyber physical systems for logistics play a central role in dealing with the challenges facing both society and logistics.



Green Logistics

Today, more than 5,5 % of the CO2 emissions worldwide are caused by logistics alone. Accordingly logistics can make a valuable contribution to achieve the climate protection goals of the Federal Government.




A compass for the logistics


Our network in Europe


The new dimension of flexibility


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