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The development of logistics and logistics business management enables companies – both large companies and SMEs – to implement new business models and to offer individual opportunities. In the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr competitors are also working together on joint projects. This is because they see that good ideas are not just the result of the work of individuals – the best ideas are created in networks.

In the next few years, the innovative ability of German companies will be a key aspect reflecting Germany’s competitiveness as a location for business. In practice, innovations are seldom the result of the efforts of individual companies, they are much more the result of targeted cooperation between partners – from the worlds of business and science. The work with and within clusters is the logical consequence of this development for large companies, corporate groups and SMEs alike.

The Companies in the Cluster

Logistics IT-companies
These are in the cluster as developers of hardware and software for information and communications technology as well as for transport and traffic infrastructures. They are complemented by companies from sectors whose products are becoming more and more important as key technologies for logistics, e.g. RFID technology.

Logistics service providers
The logistics service providers in the cluster are lead logistics providers, contract logistics companies, courier services and forwarders. Regional and sector-specific service providers are particularly well represented by medium-sized companies here. But top lead logistics providers and CEP service providers (courier, express, parcel services) are also involved in the cluster.

Sector companies
Top representatives from the significant target markets are also actively involved in the cluster, for example from the retail trade, the automotive sector and from the aerospace, electronics and steel industries.

Management consultancies
Medium-sized and large consultancies also pay a significant contribution, both with their particular focuses and within the logistics sector, towards systematic market introductions and the implementation of results and innovations in corporate processes.

Public bodies and other associations
Regional authorities, chambers of trade and industry, chambers of small businesses and skilled crafts, trade associations and societies are important cluster partners, too: they can, for example, provide regional infrastructure, funding advice, network activities and finance.


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