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Activation of Cluster Potentials - Into the Future Together

The formation of clusters is an important tool for the active support of innovations. Yet, not even in the cluster does the development of innovations follow any automatism. In fact, it requires strategic and tactical controls to fully exploit the potential of a cluster and to fully expose its specific success factors.

Each region is in constant competition for investments, innovations and market success – on trans-regional, national and international levels. The bundling of resources and the transfer of knowledge in a cluster contribute to strengthening the unique competitive advantages of the region and the sector in the face of global competition. Combining the worlds of business, science, education, politics and administration in a cluster such as the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr, the largest research and development cluster in Europe’s logistics, allows the common use of supplementary resources and reduces frictional losses due to a lack of agreements.
Strengthen the strengths, develop synergies, push forward innovations together: Within the cluster the scope for development is bigger than in pure industrial projects as cooperations have wider implications. The future orientation intrinsic in a cluster is also more important than ever, because companies do not react to changes appropriately or in time, their average “life expectation” has been declining for years. The life expectation of a company was around 60 years in 1958, according to scientists in the year 2020 it will only be 10 years. The following also applies: Today, it is no longer just individual companies which are competing with each other, but entire supply chains – so the key players have to move together. Research and practice have already proven that innovative cooperation along the supply chain pays off, for example through shorter development times and the resulting cost savings. In fact, revolutionary developments like the “Internet of Things”, the pricing of CO2 emissions, near-field-communication or innovative web-based services will lead to even more radical changes.

Levels of Innovation

In order to activate the cluster’s full potential, coordination and a future-oriented supply of information are required that go far beyond the cooperation between the partners in the market or the provision of communication platforms. Only if all key players and partners in the cluster interact intelligently and are enabled to be efficient, can innovative products and technologies be created to cope with future challenges in logistics. That is why the following objectives are pursued in this key topic:

  • Generation of future-oriented, innovative and technology-driven knowledge for logistics clusters
  • Development of tools for the efficient and sustainable control of clusters
  • Provision of infrastructures to determine the competitiveness and future viability of companies

Potentials of this Key Topic

This key topic strengthens the competences of the EffizienzCluster in the evaluation of new strategies, processes and technologies for cluster management. Previously existing knowledge about the “impact mechanisms” of success factors, performance indicators and cluster effects will be supplemented by any missing logistic-specific parameters for target-oriented cluster controls. This key topic is dedicated to cluster research in an international context as well.

Geographical networking is just as important as a success factor as having virtual connections and the active exchange between the worlds of science, business and education – for competitive and worldwide leading logistics solutions.

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