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Cluster launches innovation process

Associated projects are making a sustainable contribution to the development of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr: They complete and extend the project range within the key topics and add with that directly to the cluster strategy. Three associated projects have already been introduced to the edge cluster competition, others are actively developed by the cluster management.

It is vision and declared target of the cluster management to win new projects for the cluster: The original task of the cluster management is to identify potential partners and to bring them together. Having founded the EffizienzCluster Logistik e.V., the network for the business, the cluster created an instrument that substantially supports member companies in finding projects and forming consortiums.

From the idea to the certification

It has to be explicitly defined for each new project how it contributes to the positive influence of the central societal requirements individualization, environment and resources efficiency as well as securing the urban supply. All projects are assigned to the key topics. Thus, the developers of key topics play also a role in checking the projects. Basically, the association of a project is made by the cluster board on the basis of a recommendation of the cluster management and the developers of key topics. Immediately with the first new research project – the EU project log4green – the cluster emphasizes the importance of international activities.
The associated research projects which were on the strategic research agenda of the EffizienzCluster right from the beginning include the Logistics Mall - Cloud Computing for Logistics, the LogisticsCampus and the project Cellular Transport Systems.

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