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Efficiency for Logistic Facilities (ELA)

Logistics facilities considerably influence the networks they are embedded in. At the same time, there are also a lot of potential savings where costs and emissions are concerned.

In many cases non-transparent processes are responsible for the fact that transshipment terminals, distribution centers or production sites are still not operated as efficiently as they could be. It is still not possible to automatically generate all the data needed for shipments which includes the volume, type, handling requirements and current status. More expert knowledge should also be integrated in the software programs which are currently being used.

Objective of the Project

The ELA project focuses on increasing the effectiveness of logistic facilities with a constant input of resources. For this purpose modular and individually parameterizable software is being developed: The EcoSiteManager is a control application for large logistics facilities. As an IT platform for data generation technologies, the universally applicable software prototype is intended to close the information gap in logistics facilities. Researchers are creating fundamentals for the software by developing processes and procedures for the intelligent utilization of space, inflow controls, transport planning and resources management. With this software operators of logistics facilities will be able to achieve constant performance levels and quality while using fewer resources, which will safeguard and improve their competitiveness as a result.

Specific Innovations

The EcoSiteManager includes three modules with innovative functionalities. For the first time this will enable the complete data generation of transshipment information to be included in an “electronic CV”. Being able to display all the necessary information creates an essential “transparent handling resource”. Moreover, a constant status inquiry is guaranteed by means of monitoring functions. All in all, this will mean the emergence of user-directed control of resources and traffic in logistics facilities. The EcoSiteManager can be applied to logistics facilities such as factory premises, distribution centers and transshipment centers.

Partners in the Project

DB Mobility Logistics AG


ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH


Kühne + Nagel AG & Co. KG


Logwin Solutions Deutschland GmbH


AMETRAS nobab GmbH


Technische Universität Dortmund

Transshipment terminals, distribution centers or production sites could be operated more efficiently: Experts see a lot of potential for improving efficiency as regards quantity, speed and quality.

Contact person

Zoran Miodrag,
Jens Baudach


Technische Universität Dortmund, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
36 months

Project Volume
3,65 Mio. Euro

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