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Supply Chain Planning

Global production networks, and the intercontinental logistics relationships associated with them, have been gaining in importance for several years. Worldwide production networks enable companies to tap into new markets and reduce their costs. Entire sectors of industry have distributed their facilities across the globe. Planning the global supply chain, however, remains a challenge for the companies.

Dynamic markets and short product lifecycles, particularly in the consumer goods industry, require frequent replanning of the production, storage and transport of goods. Companies are having to react at ever shorter notice: cooperation with other companies constantly needs to be reassessed, long delivery times and short product lifecycles require frequent replanning. The companies are also having to integrate in constantly changing global production structures with partners, who change more and more often as the competition becomes more intense. The IT solutions available today for the planning of such networks are inadequate in many areas. In particular, IT which is able to adapt to changing processes incurs high costs as well.

Objective of the Joint Project

The Objective of the Joint Project is to develop new methods and tools to support logistical planning tasks in complex logistical networks. Universal solution modules are being developed for the different planning tasks in supply chains and made available as a "plug & plan" suite. As configurable services they can be combined with a minimum of customizing to a user-specific logistical assistance system for supply chain planning. The IT solutions are planned for real-life scenarios in the fields of production, distribution and after-sales in a variety of industries (automotives, mail order, etc.). The typical problems facing international companies, as well as those of SMBs, are taken into account.

Specific Innovations

The most important innovation is the development of individually combinable service modules for cross-company logistic planning tasks. The modules can be used by companies of all sizes and can be configured via a service-oriented platform, e.g. LogisticsMall, quickly and with minimal effort. The decentralized approach allows a loose connection between companies in addition to scaleable data exchange, whilst safeguarding each company's individual decision-making. Methods of planning production collaborations and planning support in distribution networks are also being developed, which make a substantial contribution to improving efficiency in supply chain planning.

Partners in the Project

ABH Stromschienen GmbH


Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH


SDZ SimulationsDienstleistungsZentrum GmbH


Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics


Technische Universität Dortmund


University of Duisburg-Essen

The planning of worldwide supply networks presents companies with enormous challenges: they have to increase flexibility, collaboration and the efficient use of resources to be successful.

Contact person

Tobias Müller


Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH



Josef Kamphues


Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
36 months

Project Volume
3,2 Mio. Euro

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