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Competitiveness Monitor (CoMo) - Innovative Method Kit for the Strategic Planning of the Future

Long-term forecasts and future planning have not yet played an important role in logistics, in research or in business. However, it is very important to be able to make sustainable, robust and valid decisions with respect to strategic logistics.

Particularly in the context of the increasingly active role of logistics, corresponding instruments and tools are needed for strategic forecasts and planning, for regional, sector and technological developments. Key players from politics, business and science must be able to identify the latest trends and signals, to project them into the future and to deduce decisions from that. This project particularly addresses the cluster’s key players in order to activate further efficiency potentials within the cluster.

Objective of the Project

Within the scope of CoMo digital logistics tools which are interfaced with each other are developed for collaborative forecasting and future planning. Companies are to be provided with a digital management toolbox by means of which they can determine, compare and finally improve their own competitiveness and future viability. The integration of the toolbox in an internet-based control center is planned. With the aid of Competitiveness Monitors companies can prepare themselves for the future in a much more targeted and more individual way and make more robust decisions. Thus, these companies will be better prepared for possible disrupting factors and surprises which could lie ahead of them in the future, and secure strategic advantages over the competition. An important basis for this concept is to carry out a survey of the most renowned futurologists worldwide.

Specific Innovations

The innovations in this project include:

  • The generation, networking and processing of information on future macro- and micro-economic developments in the logistics industry, the cluster and in company environments
  • The imparting of knowledge with regard to the subject of future research and to the structuring of future competence in the cluster
  • The stimulation of the cooperation between the cluster’s key players towards handling future questions together.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of an IT platform with different tools such as a sector-“variometer”, a trend database and an online-based future workshop.

Partners in the Project

Bayer Material Science AG


BrainNet Supply Management Consultants GmbH


dilotec GmbH


EBS Business School for law / Institute for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management (IFK)

Contact person

Dr. Rixa Kroehl


European Business School (EBS), Institute for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management (IFK)


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
36 months

Project Volume
2.2 Mio. Euro

IT as a driver of innovation


A compass for the logistics


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