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Urban Business Navigation - sector specific Navigation

Commercial and business travel and transportation are placing ever higher demands on the functionalities and precision of navigation systems. Every sector has its own particular requirements when it comes to these solutions. But there is certainly still a lot of potential for more economic navigation systems suitable for urban environments which is clearly still going to waste.

This is because the standard solutions for cars are not really suitable for business and commercial road users and the general systems based on the average consumer’s needs still dominate. Information about restrictions which is useful for more specific road users – such as clearance heights under bridges and underpasses – is not presented in the standard navigation systems. This is obviously not a satisfactory way for navigation solutions to meet the demands of such a broad range of business and professional users. New approaches to electro-mobility also mean people have completely new expectations for what navigation systems should be able to do.

Objectives of the Project

This project involves developing sector-specific navigation solutions for urban business traffic. It also looks into the question of what the next generation of navigation systems can contribute towards providing more living space which is subject to lower emissions and towards more efficient logistics processes. By researching into application areas for new navigation solutions and, on the basis of the requirements revealed in practice, a new system is being developed to provide suitable navigation in urban areas for a range of different sectors. This includes ensuring that information for navigation systems is taken into account which is useful for both individuals and businesses, as well as making sure that new information is provided for navigation system maps. In future companies will thus be in a position to make use of navigation solutions tuned individually to their needs.

Specific Innovations

Together with the conclusions drawn from pilot projects this will result in products and services being developed for the urban navigation market which, in addition to conserving resources, has a focus on increasing the efficiency of company delivery processes by reducing the length of delivery routes. Both statistical and dynamic information will be integrated to achieve this. The main focus is on developing three modules – Navigation Content, Navigation Maps and Navigation Software. These modules are made up of core components as well as adapted sector-specific content. The Cartridge System makes it possible to produce specific sector solutions.

Partners in the Project

Logiball GmbH


Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML

Sector-specific Urban Business Navigation to meet the complex demands of business and commercial road users.

Contact person

Volker Kraft


Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML

Phone: +49 (0) 231 97 43 208


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
30 months

Project Volume
1,8 Mio Euro

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