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Stewart Gough Platform

Intralogistics systems are becoming increasingly automated: a wide variety of automated storage/retrieval devices based on different technologies is now used in the high-bay. A promising new approach to improved efficiency comes in the form of the Stewart Gough platform.

In many sectors such as the food, textile and clothing industries, not to mention mechanical engineering and the automobile industry, warehousing is already one of the most important logistics tasks. When it comes to the storage or retrieval of goods from the high-bay, finding the balance between automation and flexibility is key. With climate change now a major issue, attention is also focussed on energy efficiency in material flows.
Acceleration of the processes, however, should avoid ending in rigid systems: companies must continue to react flexibly to the demands of the market and customers and be able to reorganise their storage processes accordingly at any time.

Objective of the Joint Project

The joint project is developing a novel, fast and energy-efficient storage/retrieval system based on the Stewart Gough platform: the classic storage/retrieval device will be replaced by a new platform which is fixed to up to eight pre-stressed cables. The simple mechanical design minimises the loads to be transported, saving energy. In combination with a high-performance real-time arrangement, storage and retrieval processes from the various storage bins are not only accelerated but also made more flexible. All in all, the solution represents a technological leap in storage/retrieval devices: a further advance in automation within the field of intralogistics and new fields of application in logistics systems may soon be achievable.

Specific Innovations

With the Stewart Gough platform, a multitude of potentials can be tapped into: these include shortened cycle times, a higher top speed and acceleration, as well as optimised warehouse dimensions. Storage areas can be designed flexibly and space can be used more efficiently. Transport technology is also especially energy-efficient. The investment costs are around 50 percent lower than with classic storage/retrieval devices. Costs for maintenance and upkeep are also expected to fall. The innovative devices will be deployed primarily in small and medium-sized intralogistics businesses. They can be integrated into existing systems with ease.

Partners in the Project

bdf consultants


Lufapak GmbH


mercatronics GmbH


MLOG Logistics GmbH


Platines GmbH


University of Duisburg-Essen

More efficiency in the warehouse of the future: an innovative storage/retrieval system based on the Stewart Gough platform will lead to significantly higher performance than conventional systems.

Contact person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Noche


University of Duisburg-Essen


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Bruckmann


University of Duisburg-Essen

Phone: +49 (0) 203 37 91 908


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
60 months

Project Volume
2,5 Mio. Euro

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