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Supply Chain Design

Today, IT systems already pay a decisive contribution to mastering the current tasks of design in Supply Chain Management. As value adding networks become more and more complex, however, they cannot be planned consistently with the existing methods and organizational structures. It results in planning breakdowns and losses at interfaces. This Supply Chain Design project is now aiming to fill such gaps.

Change drivers like shorter product life cycles, the introduction of new innovative products and the opening of new markets have led to a more dynamic situation thus resulting in greater insecurity within existing value added networks. In order to preserve ecological and economic efficiency, Supply Chain Design (SCD) as a design task within Supply Chain Management (SCM) now has to redesign processes and structures in the value added networks more often and more quickly. Furthermore, decision-making has to be pursued more securely.
Decisions in SCD always have a long-term influence on the company’s success and are difficult to revise. Original network configurations mean that later performance and efficiency of production and logistics networks is determined from the very early stages – ecologically as well as economically. This makes it all the more important for companies to configure software support (assistance systems) for themselves for individual planning tasks.

Objective of the project

Within the scope of the project a consistent and integrated network design approach is conceptualized for the Supply Chain Design. Existing planning processes for the SCD are analyzed and a consistent planning workflow is developed for networking existing planning islands. Selected concept developments are implemented as prototypes and tested by the application partners on the basis of case studies.

Specific innovations

The following new tools and products will guarantee consistent planning workflows and thus enable increases in efficiency:
• “On-demand” available, simulation-based design services for the tasks of the SCD
• Selected standard modules for logistical assistance systems that can be individualized.
• Fundamentals of a uniform data base for overall use in the different tasks of the SCD

Partners in the Project

Fraunhofer IML


Daimler AG


Delphi Deutschland GmbH


Koenig & Bauer AG


LogProIT GmbH

Today, permanent is a must for Supply Chain Design. Only then can agile and changeable networks be realized.

Contact person

Marco Motta


Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics



Mustafa Karaman


Daimler AG


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project

June 1st, 2013

Project Duration
24 months

Project Volume
1.9 Mio Euro

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