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LOG2020 - Training for the Future

Today’s logistics manager is not sufficiently prepared for future challenges anymore. The increasing shift from operative to strategic logistics is the reason for that. The EU project LOG2020 – Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2020 develops an appropriate training programme to academic standards.

For the researchers the future job description of a Chief Supply Chain Officer implies the consideration of logistical processes at a strategic level. Moreover, he shall have in-depth knowledge in different disciplines as well as specialist knowledge of the international context. The industry and its associations confirm the need for this new generation of Chief Supply Chain Officers. However, in most of the cases today's training is still based on a traditional understanding of logistics. Therefore, some of the top European universities have teamed up to develop and pilot an international training programme catering for this demand of logistics.

Objectives of the Project

The international training programme, developed in the context of LOG2020, shall cover the new challenges and developments in logistics and supply chain management. Basically, the programme is designed for executives in logistics and supply chain management. However, individual modules or specific content may also be used in higher education. The research project is funded under the "Lifelong Learning Programme" of the European Union.
The aim is to break up of traditional structures initiating fundamental change. To succeed, seven partners from five different European countries are working together, representing outstanding logistics research institutions with special experience in higher education and training programmes in logistics.
Even before starting this project, the two project partners DINALOG and EffizienzCluster Management GmbH set up a human capital agenda, stating the need for additional training programmes. The TU Dortmund University, partner of EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr, brings its research in ‘Logistics challenges of tomorrow’ into this project. Synergies are especially expected by exchanges between the Supply Chain School project of the EfficienzCluster which has already developed innovative tools for advanced professional training in logistics through the so-called Corporate Academies.

Specific Innovations

Five training modules will be designed in the project and filled with content, learning methods and learning materials. The modules will be characterised by academic rigor, the focus on future challenges in logistics, a suitable didactic approach for different levels of education and training as well as by e-learning opportunities. Each module has to meet the specific requirements of the universities involved in the project. In a pilot phase, the completed modules will be tested. All modules and materials will be provided via an e-learning platform, to which all current as well as future partners have access to.
As a result of this project, a joint MBA programme for executives in supply chain management is planned – for competitive European logistics setting international standards.

Partners in the Project

DINALOG - Stichting Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics


Technische Universiteit van Eindhoven


Lund University


EffizienzCluster Management GmbH


Technische Universität Dortmund


Università IUAV di Venezia


Antwerp Management School

Some of the European top universities are working together to prepare a draft for an education program for tomorrow´s logistics managers. By means of this program executive personnel in logistics shall be made ready for the future changes - a development from the operative up to strategic logistics.

Contact person

Dipl.-Logist. Johannes Dregger


Technische Universität Dortmund

Phone: +49 (0) 231 755 4548

E-Mail: johannes.dregger


Dagmar Grote Westrick


EffizienzCluster Management GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 208 99 25 448


Facts & Figures

Start of the Project


Project Duration
24 months

Project Volume
560.000 Euro

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