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Corridors for Innovations: Networking and Connecting Key Topics

Seven key topics describe the central innovation corridors within EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr: Within these key topics innovations are created that will significantly change the face of logistics in the sense of taking on new responsibility for society. The objective is for logistics to become the determining element in value adding networks.

Various research programs are dedicated to each key topic. These include 31 projects in total (27 started in the first, and four planned for the second funding phase) as well as an increasing number of associated projects. Developers of key topics, working in an honorary capacity, strengthen the contents of their topics at the scientific level and connect the projects with each other. At the same time they provide for the transfer of knowledge to other key topics and give substantial impetus for the further development of the entire cluster. As qualified experts in their disciplines they also represent their key topic in professional circles and to the public in general and initiate new discussions.

Key topic: Changeable logistics systems

Logistics service providers and commercial enterprises must constantly and proactively align their value adding systems to constantly changing requirements. Changeable logistics systems create the flexibility that is needed here. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Smart Reusable Transport Items (smaRTI) - Intelligent Material Flow
Stewart Gough Platform
Tracing Intelligent Logistics Objects (TiLO)

Key topic: Logistics-as-a-Service

Many planning and control processes are usually handled without undue administrative red tape rather than being pursued with IT support. This is because conventional software is too ponderous, too complex and not transparent enough. However, tailor-made IT can essentially help logistics to produce efficiency. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Service Design Studio
Supply Chain Planning
Supply Chain Execution - Service-Oriented Logistics Platform
Supply Chain Design

Key topic: Urban Supply

In 2017, more than half of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Yet, in the existing system the sustainable supply of goods and products to consumers is not guaranteed. There is demand for efficient, environmentally-friendly and resource-saving, individual and modular logistics solutions, particularly for urban areas. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Dynamics in Navigation - never get stuck in a Traffic Jam again
ePOD@Home - Signed Goods Delivery at the Front Door
Homecare Services
Urban Retail Logistics - Into the City Together
Urban Business Navigation - sector specific Navigation

Key topic: Goods Transport Management

For many years the demand for goods transportation has been increasing. Transport volumes exceed the capacity of the present traffic infrastructures. With an intelligent goods traffic management system, however, logistics can make an essential contribution to a sustainable improvement of the overall traffic situation. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Dynamic Consolidation
Efficiency for Logistic Facilities (ELA)
Integrated Air Cargo Hub (IACH) ? The Air Freight Transport Chain of the Future
Minimally Invasive Construction Projects
Multimodal Promotion - Intelligent Bundling of the Stream of Goods
Organisational Innovations with Good Governance in Logistics Networks
Reliable Networks for Logistics - Reliable Transport Chains Thanks to Mulitmodal Logistics

Key topic: Environment in Focus

Logistics currently causes more than 14 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Today, however, it is on the threshold of a green revolution: Innovative sustainable technologies, logistics systems and sustainable procurement contribute decisively to maintaining the competitiveness of companies. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Green Logistics - a Seal for Being Green
Tray Cycling - Logistics for Urban Mining (TraCy)
Resource-Efficient Maintenance Logistics (ResIH)
Sustainable Sourcing Excellence

Key topic: Logistics design competence

The economic, ecological and social challenges we have to face today mean logistics has to undergo a reorientation. In order for logistics to be in a position to play its part in solving these contemporary problems and push forward the processes of change, it has to build up logistic design competence: restructuring logistics goes hand in hand with education in logistics. more

Projects in this key topic:

eQuaL 2.0 - e-Qualification for efficient Logistics Processes

Supply Chain School
Scientific Training and Education in the Logistics Sector (WiWeLo)

Key topic: Activation of Cluster Potentials

The formation of clusters is an important tool for actively supporting innovation. Yet, the development of innovations is not guaranteed, not even in a cluster. In fact it requires strategic and tactical management to fully exploit the potential of a cluster and to reveal the advantages of its specific success factors. more

Projects included in this key topic:

Competitiveness Monitor (CoMo) - Innovative Method Kit for the Strategic Planning of the Future

Associated Projects

Associated projects make a sustainable contribution to the development of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr: They supplement and extend the scope of the project within the key topics and, thus, input directly into the cluster strategy. Three associated projects have already been brought into the “leading edge” Spitzencluster competition, others are being actively developed by the cluster management. more

Logistics Mall - Cloud Computing for Logistics
Cellular Transport Systems
log4green - EU Project
ABEKO - Assistance system for demographically-adjusted company-specific expertise management for future production and logistics systems
smartNRW - optimal RFID tagging
InventAIRy - Identification with autonomous flying robots
LOG2020 - Training for the Future
LOGINN - LOGistic INNovation Uptake
E-Route - Electro-mobility at the last mile

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